Metal Oxide Varistors - EV Series MOV's - World Product's next generation discrete MOV's come standard as ROHS2 / Reach compliant and Halogen Free. Click to download catalog


Thermally Protected Varistors - TVZ Series TMOV's - WPI's thermally protected MOV's are UL1449 3rd edition certified and come in variety of disk sizes to energy ratings and cost requirements. Click to download catalog


Thermally Protected Varistors - EVTD Series MOV - WPI's enclosed thermally protected, high energy capability, MOV's are UL1449 and CUL 3rd edition recognized. Wide voltage range available 50VAC 550VA. Patent pending. Click to download catalog


Gas Discharge Tubes - WPGT Series - Protects data ports from lighting surges. Available packages include Radial, Axial, SMD and SMD Chip. Design flexibility including custom lead configurations and sorted DC breakdown voltage values.  Click to download catalog


Spark Gap Protectors - WPSPG Series - Low capacitance to protect data ports. Come standard as RoHS compliant and Halogen Free. Leaded and surface mount packages. Click to download catalog


TVS Diodes - World Product's TVS Diodes satisfy the toughest requirements for a low clamping device and provides superior performance in all applications. Wide power range from 400W to 30kW - Wide voltage range - Very fast response times - Axial and Surface Mount packages available.


NEC / Tokin Miniature Relays - World Product's has been supplying NEC / Tokin Automotive Power Relay's for over 25 years. Large capacity for high power switching - Flux tight housing suitable for automatic soldering dip - Low power consumption - Extremely durable plastic sealing.


Pilkor Metallized Film Capacitors - EMI Suppression Capacitors - General Purpose Capacitors - Noise Suppression - Spark Quenchers - Metallized Polyproylene Capacitors- PFC Input Capacitors - Low DC Film Capacitors - PCMT 468 Series - AC Running Capacitors - Power Electric Capacitors - IGBT Snub Capacitors