Experience dating back over 40 years. That's right, 40 years. Skyline's founder started in the industry back when vacuum tubes were still a hot commodity and the 8-bit microprocessor was cutting edge. The business has passed on to the next generation and has expanded beyond those humble beginnings. We focus on relationships and a personal touch because we know you have endless options when it comes to your supplier base. 

Kitting Services


There's an increasing need for prototype and small production assembly & often times the CM is too busy to accommodate your request. Skyline will takeover and do a full turnkey build for you and deliver a finished product to your door. We've been doing kitting services for customers for 15 years.  


Building Relationships

Relationships matter. We have a vested interest in helping you succeed. They way we see it, if you're succeeding then we are as well. At the end of the day, we want to build and grow with our customers. Let us know what we can do to help support your ideas & vision.