Ethernet M12Metz Connect offers 2-pair twisted-pair connections with D-encoding and 4-pair twisted-pair connections of type X. The four-pin connector with D-encoding is suitable for data transmission with a transmission rate of 100 Bit/s. For higher transmission rates (e.g. Gigabit-Ethernet), the eight-pin M12 connectors of type X can be used, since they guarantee a data transmission rate up to the gigabit range. The robust M12 connectors have a very high mechanical and electrical rigidity and are resistant against dirt and humidity when they are plugged in (IP67). Simultaneously, safe and reliable contacting and thus an error-free data transmission are guaranteed.

Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks - Solderable, Pluggable, Compression-mount Contacts. The product family comprises terminal blocks that are based on a spring clamp connection. By spring clamp connection, we mean an electrical connection which is established by clamping an individual stripped conductor by means of a spring. It is suitable for solid wires and multi-stranded wires with a nominal cross section of 0.08 - 2.5 mm.


Screw Type Terminal Blocks - Solderable, Pluggable and Single Pole. Metz offers a very wide range of direct solder and pluggable screw type terminal blocks along with single pole versions. With screw type terminal blocks the inserted wire is fixed by means of a screw and thus contacted as well. The clamping bodies consist of a wrought copper alloy. The surface is galvanically plated with nickel. For types with soldering pin, the surface is galvanically underlaid with nickel and then plated with tin in order to achieve a high level of corrosion resistance and excellent solderability.

Board-to-Board Connectors - The new product range of board-to-board connectors from METZ CONNECT offers exactly that connection system which is indispensable for compact, flexible and safe connections of PCBs; in the same time its components will compensate for important displacement tolerance and PCB distances. Especially in building services engineering, data and communication technique as well as in industrial electronics efficient, space saving, and yet powerful connections of the individual applications integrated into one single device are a must. B2B connectors are available as multi-pin connectors (with horizontal and vertical wire entry) and as female connector strips (with vertical wire entry).

Plugs and Jacks for PC BoardsOur connector portfolio provides PCB connection solutions for consistent and high-quality transmission paths from the PCB of a device via the cabling of the systems up to the infrastructure, no matter whether M12, RJ12, RJ45 or USB connections are required.


I/O ComponentsFor building automation, we offer intelligent I/O components with fieldbus Modbus with digital and analog inputs and outputs and as mixed module, Ethernet I/Os, BACnet I/Os, LON I/Os, CAN-Bus I/Os and M-Bus I/Os.


Cables and Wire - Patch Cords, M12 Connecting Cables, Installation Cables, Data Center CablingP-Cabling includes highly specified, internationally standardized and powerful connection components and connection systems in the copper and fiber optic techniques. These solutions are used in structured building and industry cabling applications and for data centers. Conventient installation, maximum quality and perfect system compatibility across all important performance classes are the main characteristics of our modular inserts, connectors, wall outlets, patch panels, distributors, IP-protected plug connectors and patch and installation cables.